About us

We live in the Southwest of England and have three very cool kids and a naughty Cocker Spaniel called Billy.  My husband and I have travelled to some really amazing places with our kids including China, New Zealand, Bali, Lombok, Croatia, Hawaii, California, France, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Greek Islands, Canary Islands and all …

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Lemon Thyme Chicken Hotpot

On those days when all you need is wholesome comfort food, this is just the ticket. Combining fresh free-range chicken with organic vegetables and served with fresh cornbread. Delicious! Recipe 1lb free range chicken thighs 6 medium white potatoes 3 medium onions 2 leeks 1/2 lb carrots 1 medium butternut squash 1 cup red lentils …

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A healthy kids breakfast cereal that they’ll actually LIKE

I don't know how long these 'Bear' Cocoa Alpha Bites have been available but I stumbled upon them this week whilst wandering around Waitrose. Tragically this is what I chose to do with an unexpected hour of child-free time! I was immediately struck by the 'no refined sugars' claim on the box and as I'm …

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How Attainable is ‘The Zero Waste Life’?

Our children's generation are the first generation to have indisputable evidence that we are ruining our Earth. We all have a personal responsibility to care for our environment and I've been so inspired by reading other peoples stories about cutting down on their waste and aiming for a 'zero waste life'. Even if we never …

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